A day in the City!

Today was a day of varied activity. Twenty-nine years since changing from Stapleton to Butcher on the third of August, which was today, called for a day on the town. (unfortunately all this was now yesterday as I couldn’t stay awake last night to get it all uploaded … but you get the gist!!) After visiting Doody Street in Alexandria for lessons for the soul, and a good free coffee for first time visitors, we went for a second fix to the Grounds of Alexandria …


one can’t get too much of a good thing … their coffee is excellent and their pastries delish!!! Even though this place is soooooo popular and a little over-crowded, the vibe is good and it’s a great place for a pit stop! Onward towards Newtown with a couple of stops along the way. Oops what was that ? A quick nip left and left again and a park and a short walk, found us back to the retro shop that had that “come feast your eyes on this lot” look. I loved this in the window ….


A sneaky pic is better than $125 spent (when you can stick it to a piece of wood … who needs a metal original?!!) Alexandria adjoins Redfern and Carriageworks is in Redfern, … lets see what’s on there!! Oo er! “Gossip” by Kris Verdonck.


After languishing in the magnificently industrially textural spaciousness of Carriagework’s reception hall (don’t know if they refer to this space as such but … shoulder shrug to whatever it’s called), I was searching for something ‘official’ to ‘see’ as opposed to the free seeing I’d been enjoying until then. Behind very large and heavy doors that opened as I approached, there were people … “is there something to see in here?” I asked, “yes, come in” … and, projected into the darkness was Kris Verdonck’s “Gossip”, a piece inspired by Franz Kafka’s short text Fellowship, which describes five friends and their rejection of a sixth. What was possible and could be tolerated by the five was not possible and could not be tolerated with the sixth. What “Gossip” brings is a projected wall of people whispering gossip – which “holds the promise of insider information and intrigue”. What is intriguing, looking at this piece was which participant drew me in. The guy with the animated hand movements … way more gestural than anyone else in the line up. He was my winner. Paul was drawn to the woman he considered the most attractive!


Kings Street, Newtown has an afternoon’s worth of interest and visually stimulating sights to see. Food was eaten at “lentil as anything” … what a brilliant concept … a not-for-profit set up providing absolutely delicious vegetarian (maybe vegan) food for … whatever you can afford or whatever you deem a worthwhile price!!! Order, eat and pop your contribution in the box as you leave!!!! All workers are volunteers, many of whom are refugees, who are being helped up (rather than just helped out) by being given work and training in food preparation and the art of customer service in a busy cafe/restaurant scenario. This had a huge ‘feel good factor’ in all senses. Delicious, hearty food, a comfortable and groovy setting, friendly staff and the knowledge that you’re contributing to a brilliantly worthy cause. I highly recommend a visit. AND… I love the name!!!




Darlinghurst was the next port of call. Friend arrived, replaced husband …cuppa tea closely followed by theatre visit.


The Tap theatre is an intriguing set up, intimate and quirky. On the roll this evening was “Four Places” by Joel Drake Johnson, a Chicago based playwright. What a fantastically acted and abundantly loaded play this was!! It was a dark comedy that had me crying with laughter, in places, whilst physically cringing at the awkwardness of the adult children’s response to their elderly mother’s antics and dialogue. The play’s duration was eighty minutes that seemed like thirty and then home to a glass of red and a handful of cashews … lentils still filling me, probably ‘til breakfast!!!! An excellent day in the City!


‘til next time …. much love and cheerio for now!