Me and my MadCow way of being

I work from the ‘milking shed’ studio in sunny Sydney, Australia.  Having ‘quite’ recently graduated from art school as a ripe old mature age heffer, I now  enjoy making things to share, giving expression to how I see the world.

My ‘off ya block’ collection are photos I’ve taken here, there and everywhere,  using my ‘hipstamatic’ app on my iphone 4.  I am really enjoying the ‘back to basics’ approach of using what is always to hand … my phone!  This little hipsta app is fun and quite beautifully unpredictable.   I love that sometimes the images are quite dark and moody and sometimes they are bright (a bit like me though I’m mostly found on the bright side!).   There is a slight delay as the image ‘processes’ within the phone and I like to ‘leave them be’ and not look until later – reminiscent of those days of film and delayed gratification when we had to wait for the processing to happen in the lab!  To add to this dimension, I like to receive my prints from the Hipstamatic lab which is in Santa Barbra, California.  They print using the best archival paper, just the way they were meant to be.   My blocks are hand cut (well, using a piece of machinery!)  and then sanded and painted by me.  The image is adhered and sprayed with a digital photo protectant.  Each block is lovingly handmade by me.

My ‘pretty wired’ collection of button flowers is fun and vibrant and also unpredictable!!   They seem to have a life of their own.   Real flowers are a wonderful gift but it’s always so sad when they last but a few days in the vase and then have to be thrown away.  These little ‘rays of sunshine’ will keep on bringing pleasure through their quirkiness for many a day, month and possibly even years!

My ‘clay play’ collection offers handmade vessels to set off the buttons perfectly, and the making of them gives me immense pleasure.

I am sharing my ‘arty farty’ collection because I absolutely loved making these pieces.  When the time allows I love to get my ‘proper’ camera out and create all sorts of images.  I just love creating and ‘losing myself’ in the process.

The ‘milking shed’ is my ‘studio’/shop.  I am here working on my creations at least two days a week and often more … come and say hi! (and feel free to buy!!)