Ode to the chair..

Bring me a chair

in the midst of thunder,

a chair for me 
and for everyone

not only 
to relieve 
an exhausted body

 every purpose 
and for every person,

for squandered strength 
and for meditation.

Pablo Neruda


give new and improved form, structure, or appearance to.

I picked up an old chair at a charity shop in Richmond some months ago with the intention of some day making it look fab with a wonderful piece of stitching I got in the Cloth sale*, even more months ago. The chair has sat on our back deck and everyone loved sitting in it – “the comfiest chair ever” being the usual comment! I had a fabric ‘throw’ thrown over it that was getting increasingly crumpled. I’d give it a shake and place it back over the chair. The creators at Cloth must have changed their minds about this piece … it was almost complete but two of the four sides hadn’t been sewn with binding. The front of the piece was made up of a patchwork of both plain and printed Cloth fabric, and the backing was one whole piece of contrasting printed Cloth fabric. When I picked this up at a bargainous price, I thought … I’ll do something with that one day, either finish it off or do something else with it.

This week, that day eventually came! First I sat and unpicked the binding and the stitching that held the back to the front, giving me two separate fabby pieces.


I took the cushions off the chair, inspected the old coverings and freewheeled it until I had created the fit and look I wanted. The back cover had to be made like a pillow case that could envelop the metal frame of the back of the chair. The seat cover was also made in pillow case style with buttons underneath to stop the flap … flapping! Under the seat cushion I’ve used an old coffee bean sack to also envelop the frame, just for neatness sake. (envelop … what a great word!)

I did all the sewing first and placed the cushions back on their frame. A job well done – not perfect but good enough – a definite ‘good enough’ job of which I am dead chuffed.


So now, what colour to paint? I thought I would pick one of three of the colours from the print, a brownie/grey, one of the tones of red or the cream of the text print. I got all three in tester pots and decided to apply red as the first colour. That’s it!! I loved it immediately. After sanding I applied two coats … decision made. Red it is … no second colour and sanding back … just red!


A quick whizz up of a pillowcase style cushion cover, in the original ‘backing’ fabric, saw my project complete.

So after months and months of intending … a few concentrated hours saw the job done and another tick to the ‘To Do’ list. Hoorah!!



’til next time … lots of love


*love love love Julie Paterson’s work @ Cloth Fabric – looking forward to visiting the new shop! https://www.facebook.com/clothfabric